Speak with a financial Debt Coach to review all your options and discuss the best strategies for getting out of debt and stay out of debt. Pay off credit cards, students loans, personal loans and son on.

save for emergencies

Can you deal with a financial emergency without using a credit card?  Well, when you save, you win. The emergency fund puts you in control of most of life situations.It makes you ready for those times when life hits you on the head. 

buy a home

Make your dream of homeownership a reality! Speak with a financial coach to prepare yourself and your finances to make sure you are ready for this investment and commitment!

About Us

 Anthony is an educator, a minister, a licensed Realtor, and a financial coach. Beside these titles, he is also a loving husband and father of two teenagers.
At Crush The Debt, we are passionate and work hard to help individuals and families chase and reach their financial goals.
We are based in Easton(PA), but we can help anyone anywhere in the world through video conferencing, telephone or even face-to-face if you are local.
Our goal is first to help you identify where you are financially, and then help you set up a personalized plan for where you want to be in the future!
It’s not too early or too late to start your financial journey. It can be as simple as learning how to create a monthly budget, dealing with debt collectors, paying off student loans and more!
Depending on where you are on your financial journey, we can help with:
1.Getting out of debt( pay off –school loans, auto loans, credit cards, Heloc, etc.)
2.Saving for emergencies so you break the debt cycle forever.
3.Learning to create a monthly budget [PLAN] that will allow you to know where all your money goes.
4.Preparing to buy a home while avoiding pitfalls such as Private Mortgage Insurance(PMI) and more.


A few things we’re great at

Below is a list of many ways we can help you get to where you want to be. Depending on your goals we have a plan to help you in your financial journey!


Do you just want to pay down your debt or do you want to be completely debt free? How would it feel to know that you own everything? This is possible, and we can show you how.


Are you planning to own a home in the future? A home is the biggest financial commitment that most people make. Being financially prepared to buy a home is the best thing you can do for you and your family. We can help you avoid the pitfalls that many homebuyers stumble into that can cause financial strain! 


COVID-19 affected us in so many ways. Not many people were prepared for this kind of emergency! Emergencies will always happen, but if you have a plan you will not panic! We can guide you in planning for your financial emergencies.


 At some point in your life you will stop working. Shocking right!! Do you have a plan for retirement? What you save today will replace your regular paycheck. We can guide with a plan so you can retire with dignity! Get started today!


Virtual Financial Coaching Packages

Our Coaching Packages

15 Minutes Free Consultation
$ 25 $ 0
  • 1 Free 15 minutes consultation
  • Follow-up Action Steps via email
  • Detailed Budgeting
  • Debt Elimination Plan
  • Emergency Savings Plan
  • Home Buying Plan
  • College Saving Plan
  • Retirement investment plan
  • Risk Managemen
Bronze: 1 Month Financial Coaching
$ 199 $ 100
  • 1 Free 15 minutes consultation
  • 2 Coaching sessions during the month
  • Detailed Budgeting
  • Debt Elimination Plan
  • Emergency Savings Plan
  • Insurance[Risk Management]
  • Follow-up Action Steps via email
  • Home Buying Plan
  • College Saving Plan
  • Retirement investment plan
  • Risk Managemen
$ 600 $ 300
  • 1 Free 15 minutes consultation
  • 4 Coaching sessions
  • Detailed Budgeting
  • Debt Elimination Plan
  • Emergency Savings Plan
  • Home Buying Plan
  • College Saving Plan
  • Retirement investment plans
  • Insurance[Risk Management]
  • Optional 15 min. check-in call each month
  • Follow-up Action Steps via email

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between A Financial Advisor & Financial Coach?

I’m glad you asked. Financial Advisors manage the wealth you have already built. A Financial Coach  on the other hand helps you build wealth in the first place. Where advisors manage an investment portfolio and sell products such as insurance and Mutual funds,  a Financial Coach does not sell any product and is simply a fee for service model. Financial coaching is all about you. It’s about understanding your current situation and developing a custom plan to help you win with money. Whether you are deep in debt, need help with big money goals, or just want to get on the same page with your spouse, a financial coach will walk with you as you make real progress with your finances.

What types of clients do you serve?

I love working with individuals, couples and young professionals. If you have a question, I want to know about it.

How do you typically meet with clients?

Most of my work is conducted through the phone as well as video conference. That means you can have a meeting at the comfort of your home. I have had clients all over the United States and the world. The Financial coaching principles that I teach can work anywhere in the world. If you live near Easton PA and the nearby Townships we can plan a face-to-face meeting if interested.

How do you I get paid?

I use a fee for service model. You only pay for my services.. When I do financial coaching work, I operate under a flat fee system. Any fees listed on this website are the fees that you pay for my services. I do not sell any products such as life insurance or even sell stocks or mutual funds.

How do I get started?

If you’re not sure what assistance you need, the best way to get started is to book a free, 15 minute meeting with me. This will help me in understanding what you are trying to accomplish with your money. Then offer up ideas of how I can help.  Click here to pick a time that works for you , and I’ll give you a call!

Do you want to learn what you missed in school about finances? Everywhere you look, people are buried under mountains of debt . . . bankruptcy, student loans, credit card debt, and retirement challenges, just to name a few. Join us for free at this live webinar. We’ll be ready to answer the questions you may have in budgeting, building emergency funds, Crushing your debts, and more…We look forward to seeing you there!
Date: 8/28/2021
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Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I met with Anthony, my coach, this past Wednesday. I have known him for 10 years, so I trust his recommendations. I shared that there was a concern about my Heloc. He suggested refinancing and that is what I did. I received great service from a company with which he had done business. Thank you, Anthony, you have changed my life!

Linda K.
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